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About Komed Health

At Komed Health we are dedicated to transforming healthcare communication to help doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers to deliver the best in class patient care, and ultimately save lives.

Komed Health is providing a secure and powerful real-time communication platform, purpose-build for hospitals in order to dramatically facilitate communication and collaboration in care teams. Komed Health can be integrated into existing infrastructure enabling integrated care pathways.

Our Core Team

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Luiza Dobre

CEO & Founder

Luiza has 10+ years of valuable experience in leading and developing businesses. She holds a double Master’s Degree in Marketing and International Management from University of St. Gallen and Esade Business School.

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Marc Bornträger

VP of Engineering & Founder

Marc has 8+ years experience in software development. He has successfully built and led his own company, and also acquired further experience in three other companies. Marc studied IT business economics in Zurich.

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Michael Franz

Head of Sales

Michael has 10+ years of experience in B2B Sales and Marketing and consulting. He holds a double Master’s Degree in International Management from Rotterdam School of Management & NOVA SBE.

Board Members

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Fritz Mumenthaler

Chairman of the Board Komed Health

Accomplished Executive Leader with demonstrated success in the information and communication technology (ICT) and services industry. Fritz served as CEO of Ascom Holding for 5 years, together with other senior roles. He holds an MBA from INSEAD.

Our Advisory Board


Dr. Heiko Visarius

Innosuisse Coach

20+ years operational experience in medtech companies, for example as Sr. Director of Medtronic and as CEO of Medivision AG. Heiko is one of the top experts in the health care sector, especially in the area of medical device technology in Switzerland.

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Cristiano Calcagno

Co-Creator of Fbinfer and Reasonml

Cristiano has extensive experience in technology, as software engineer, startup founder with a successful exit, and angel investor.

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Dr. Bruno Glaus

Founder SeestattExperts

Dr. Glaus serves on boards of several tech and healthcare companies including the vice-presidency of the public hospitals of St. Gallen. He had line experience as marketing manager, business unit manager and head of a Hilti sales organisation, 16 years of consulting experience at McKinsey & Co. and at HPO.

A successful roll-out
"An easy-to-deploy and easy-to-use but nevertheless secure messaging app is desperately needed in healthcare facilities. Komed Health allows our employees to easily communicate and exchange real-time information without being scared that the data is somewhere in US.“
Michele Marazza
Lead Process Development, EOC Cantonal Hospital Ticino
Secure information exchange
“I love the Komed app. Since we use it, ​ our communication improved and can coordinate tasks among us much faster.”
Nurse Surgery
EOC Cantonal Hospital Ticino​
Faster information flow
“Using Komed Health we could rapidly transfer imaging findings from Radiology to the treating physicians and caregivers, to support their treatment decision process. On the other hand we can receive valuable information to improve the quality of our reports. All in all this may significantly save valuable time and reduce costs.”
Prof. Dr. med. H. von Tengg-Kobligk
Vice Chair and Associate Professor Radiology (DIPR) Inselspital, University of Bern
Advances “i-care” delivery
“Komed Health gives physicians and nurses easy access and help to share medical information and to bring faster informed decision-making to the point of care. Komed is supporting the legacy infrastructure like pagers by creating command centers.”
Prof. Dr. med. A. Exadaktylos
Chair, Head and Clinical Director Emergency Inselspital, University Hospital of Bern
Reduces interruptions
“Physicians are constantly interrupted. Each interruption results in an increased risk of a medical error and puts the life of the patient in danger. Compound this with the fact that most communication is actually not emergent. An asynchronous communication app like Komed Health can allow me to control how I manage my work and hence, reduce the number of interruptions."
Dr. med. N. Geigy
Clinical Director Emergency Canton Hospital Baselland
Reinvents communication
"Komed Health provides a modern and secure way of communication. The platform allows to have the relevant information at your fingertips, to prioritise it and to respond in ways that don't disturb your workflow."
Dr. med. J. Mertens
Senior Physician University Hospital Zurich
More time with patients
”Whilst treating a patient I need to interrupt the process of care to go physically to the computer and see whether there is any urgent information I shall be aware of. This makes my job very inefficient and frustrating at times. Komed Health can push actionable patient data to the smartphone the moment it becomes available."
Senior physician, Clinic Genolier
We definitely need an app!
Every doctor has a smart device nowadays. Having easy access to my patients' information and to relevant reports on the go would be invaluable. It's so difficult to get fast response. And sometimes events require urgency and there is no current solution for that.
Dr. med. Remo Minder
Clinical Manager of the Medical Clinic and Chief Physician of the General Pediatrics, University Children's Hospital Zurich

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