Real-time medical team communication

Komed Health is the stepping-stone to digitalising clinical communication and care-coordination in a secure and compliant way.  

Co-developed with Medical Practitioners, Doctors and Nurses

Our team works closely with health care providers to tailor functionalities to the needs of health professionals and modern clinical processes.

Before designing the product, we performed 3000+ hours of in-depth research in 30+ hospitals across 10 countries through interviews with doctors, nurses and medical practitioners. The interviews and feedback showed that medical teams across all disciplines constantly experience inefficient communication with slow response time, making it difficult to react with the speed required to deliver the best possible medical attention.

Medical teams are undoubtedly overloaded with telephone calls, emails, texts and unlawful WhatsApp messaging using multiple devices to send and receive important information to team members. Our team of experts was able to understand what was needed to dramatically improve communication between teams, with real-time, sharable patient medical information. This is how we developed an easy-to-use, easy-to-implement real-time messaging platform that is quickly adopted for use anywhere across the continuum of care. 


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Komed Health Platform is Secure and Reliable

Komed harnesses bullet-proof technology, fully encrypted with certified security so it is 100% safe, secure and reliable.  The platform is hosted in the cloud (based in Switzerland or EU) or on the healthcare centre premise. Patients’ medical data and related messaging between healthcare teams is completely confidential. This type of state-of-the-art technology means vital sensitive, medical information is immediately accessible and instantly delivered with the utmost security. It cannot be accessed by anyone who is not an approved user at the respective healthcare facility.

The platform works on any kind of mobile handheld device (iOS and Android) as well as on desktop computers. It requires two-factor authentication with mTAN, QR-Code or biometrics, therefore maintaining the strictest patient confidentiality as well as staying in keeping with legal best practices.

Using this stand-alone messaging platform, the unlawful use of WhatsApp is immediately eliminated, lost pieces of paper containing sensitive information do not fall into the wrong hands and medical teams avoid disjointed communication.  Additionally, users know when a message has been received and read due to on-screen displayed receipts.  All communication is trackable, so users can easily double-check important information, holding care team members accountable.

Komed Seamlessly Fits with  Existing Healthcare Systems

The Komed platform can integrate with any existing healthcare systems, and unlocks the full value of EMR (electronic patient record) to speed up care processes. Important notifications are delivered to the right care team members at the right time, on their device of choice.

Thanks to its scalability, Komed can solve a wide range of use cases for a healthcare organization and ensure broad adoption. Even a single integration point with the EMR has the potential to revolutionise communication. For example, doctors can receive a notification when a CT scan or critical lab result is available for a given patient. The integration is bidirectional, so the entire chat history is pushed back into the EMR seamlessly. 

Communication workflow mapping helps streamline admissions and discharges, improve patient handoffs, and respond to patient needs in real time, creating significant lifts in both productivity and cost savings.

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Komed is for Now and For the Future

At Komed Health, we are not just going to hand over a piece of technology and walk away. Our approach is to look at the whole communication ecosystem and figure out how to streamline and simplify that communication through the use of software, while constantly updating the process to react to changes and advances in the medical industry. Our vision is to gradually remove the complexity of having 4-8 different communication systems and replace that with a single communication platform, which then drives all of the clinical communication to improve patient outcomes and speed up care delivery.  

One Easy-to-Implement Platform that Works from Anywhere

Easy to use and easy to implement, the powerful Komed Health messaging platform is designed to seamlessly fit with most hospital or healthcare facility systems so it is up and running in no time at all.

It facilitates healthcare professionals with a faster, smarter and extremely secure messaging platform that is easily accessible on iOS, Android and Desktop.

We provide you with a flexible and efficient implementation service so your healthcare facility is up and running quickly and according to your best needs.

Fewer interruptions
Time spent to find specialist
days average hospitalization
shorter patient waiting time

Save time and costs, improve patient care

Already in use in hospitals and healthcare facilities, the Komed Health platform has considerably improved communication between medical teams, who can can spend more time caring for patients and less time performing administrative tasks.

Our own studies on the Komed messaging platform show that it can help reduce the number of calls and interruptions by up to 50%. Finding the right persons to discuss patient cases can take up to 20% of a nurse’s or physician’s shift. 

Revenue is also increased thanks to higher patient throughput. The results of various studies* show that with the adoption of a secure messaging platform hospital stays are on average 0.77 days shorter, nurses can save up to 4 hours per day, hospitals can reduce patient wait by up to 50% while emails and phone calls are dicreased by up to 80%. 

“A successful roll-out"
"An easy-to-deploy and easy-to-use but nevertheless secure messaging app is desperately needed in healthcare facilities. Komed Health allows our employees to easily communicate and exchange real-time information without being scared that the data is somewhere in US.“
Michele Marazza
Lead Process Development, EOC Cantonal Hospital Ticino
Secure information exchange
“I love the Komed app. Since we use it, ​ our communication improved and can coordinate tasks among us much faster.”
Nurse Surgery
EOC Cantonal Hospital Ticino​
Faster information flow
“Using Komed Health we could rapidly transfer imaging findings from Radiology to the treating physicians and caregivers, to support their treatment decision process. On the other hand we can receive valuable information to improve the quality of our reports. All in all this may significantly save valuable time and reduce costs.”
Prof. Dr. med. H. von Tengg-Kobligk
Vice Chair and Associate Professor Radiology (DIPR) Inselspital, University of Bern
Advances “i-care” delivery
“Komed Health gives physicians and nurses easy access and help to share medical information and to bring faster informed decision-making to the point of care. Komed is supporting the legacy infrastructure like pagers by creating command centers.”
Prof. Dr. med. A. Exadaktylos
Chair, Head and Clinical Director Emergency Inselspital, University Hospital of Bern
Reduces interruptions
“Physicians are constantly interrupted. Each interruption results in an increased risk of a medical error and puts the life of the patient in danger. Compound this with the fact that most communication is actually not emergent. An asynchronous communication app like Komed Health can allow me to control how I manage my work and hence, reduce the number of interruptions."
Dr. med. N. Geigy
Clinical Director Emergency Canton Hospital Baselland
Reinvents communication
"Komed Health provides a modern and secure way of communication. The platform allows to have the relevant information at your fingertips, to prioritise it and to respond in ways that don't disturb your workflow."
Dr. med. J. Mertens
Senior Physician University Hospital Zurich
More time with patients
”Whilst treating a patient I need to interrupt the process of care to go physically to the computer and see whether there is any urgent information I shall be aware of. This makes my job very inefficient and frustrating at times. Komed Health can push actionable patient data to the smartphone the moment it becomes available."
Senior physician, Clinic Genolier
We definitely need an app!
Every doctor has a smart device nowadays. Having easy access to my patients' information and to relevant reports on the go would be invaluable. It's so difficult to get fast response. And sometimes events require urgency and there is no current solution for that.
Dr. med. Remo Minder
Clinical Manager of the Medical Clinic and Chief Physician of the General Pediatrics, University Children's Hospital Zurich

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