One App that secures, integrates and streamlines all communication in any healthcare organisation.


Secure Text Messaging

From the largest health systems to small medical practices, Komed Health is the solution that powers secure and complaint healthcare communication. 

Komed Health allows you to communicate safely and securely with colleagues on-site and off-site from your smartphone, tablet, or desktop.

Exchange real-time, protected messages with individual doctors, nurses and admin staff in your organisation. Or you can start a group conversation around a topic or patient. Get fast answers and make sure the information reaches the right people. 

Integration with Patient Data

Healthcare professionals spend way too much time tracking down data. Komed Health helps reverse this trend. Komed Health’s accessible API interfaces with clinical IT systems to break down the silos and push the most critical, relevant, and timely patient data (e.g. lab and imaging) to the smartphone the moment it becomes available. No more missed results or consult requests. Instead, a healthcare professional gets actionable, relevant, real-time data at his / her fingertips, which leads to better outcomes for patients and higher productivity. With Komed Health, team communication meets real-time patient data on a single platform.

Multiple Devices

The Komed platform runs on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets as an app that can be conveniently downloaded from the Apple store and Google Play. It also runs on desktops as a web application and is supported by most browsers in use today. Unlike other platforms, Komed Health allows users to use multiple devices at the same time, to stay connected seamlessy while doing deskwork and on-the-go.   

Smart Notifications

To make sure that critical information catches its recipient’s attention in time, the Komed app allows messages to be sent with high priority.  Additionally, important messages can be pinned in a chat, which makes it easier to retrieve them in the future.

Senders can also call for a specific team member’s reply within a group chat, for example to request a second opinion for an difficult patient case. Read receipts provide useful feedback on who’s on top of important updates. 

Finally, notifications can be temporarily scheduled and disabled, to avoid unnecessary alerts during breaks and when off duty.

Nurse checking her smart watch at the hospital

Media Attachments

“An image is worth a thousand words”. Even more so in the context of medical care. The Komed platform allows not only to exchange text messages, but also to send and share pictures, audio files, videos and files. All this with the same high privacy and security standards that are in the DNA of the Komed platform. Never again pictures of a patient wounds ending up in your son’s birthday album.

Role based Messaging

Effective team collaboration requires a certain degree of flexibility. The Komed platforms allows to define roles – such as “On-call Surgeon” or “Ultrasound technician”. Roles can be assigned on a need basis to one or multiple staff depending on shifts, workflow optimisation or just about any contingence. Other team members can reach and communicate with the designated role responsible directly, without the hassle of looking up shift plans and asking around.  Moreover, independent of the shift changes the information is never lost and makes handover happen quick and effective .

“A successful roll-out"
"An easy-to-deploy and easy-to-use but nevertheless secure messaging app is desperately needed in healthcare facilities. Komed Health allows our employees to easily communicate and exchange real-time information without being scared that the data is somewhere in US.“
Michele Marazza
Lead Process Development, EOC Cantonal Hospital Ticino
Secure information exchange
“I love the Komed app. Since we use it, ​ our communication improved and can coordinate tasks among us much faster.”
Nurse Surgery
EOC Cantonal Hospital Ticino​
Faster information flow
“Using Komed Health we could rapidly transfer imaging findings from Radiology to the treating physicians and caregivers, to support their treatment decision process. On the other hand we can receive valuable information to improve the quality of our reports. All in all this may significantly save valuable time and reduce costs.”
Prof. Dr. med. H. von Tengg-Kobligk
Vice Chair and Associate Professor Radiology (DIPR) Inselspital, University of Bern
Advances “i-care” delivery
“Komed Health gives physicians and nurses easy access and help to share medical information and to bring faster informed decision-making to the point of care. Komed is supporting the legacy infrastructure like pagers by creating command centers.”
Prof. Dr. med. A. Exadaktylos
Chair, Head and Clinical Director Emergency Inselspital, University Hospital of Bern
Reduces interruptions
“Physicians are constantly interrupted. Each interruption results in an increased risk of a medical error and puts the life of the patient in danger. Compound this with the fact that most communication is actually not emergent. An asynchronous communication app like Komed Health can allow me to control how I manage my work and hence, reduce the number of interruptions."
Dr. med. N. Geigy
Clinical Director Emergency Canton Hospital Baselland
Reinvents communication
"Komed Health provides a modern and secure way of communication. The platform allows to have the relevant information at your fingertips, to prioritise it and to respond in ways that don't disturb your workflow."
Dr. med. J. Mertens
Senior Physician University Hospital Zurich
More time with patients
”Whilst treating a patient I need to interrupt the process of care to go physically to the computer and see whether there is any urgent information I shall be aware of. This makes my job very inefficient and frustrating at times. Komed Health can push actionable patient data to the smartphone the moment it becomes available."
Senior physician, Clinic Genolier
We definitely need an app!
Every doctor has a smart device nowadays. Having easy access to my patients' information and to relevant reports on the go would be invaluable. It's so difficult to get fast response. And sometimes events require urgency and there is no current solution for that.
Dr. med. Remo Minder
Clinical Manager of the Medical Clinic and Chief Physician of the General Pediatrics, University Children's Hospital Zurich

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