Luiza Dobre, Komed Health – Awarded the Niesen Bergpreis 2019 by the Swiss Economic Forum

The SEF Niesen Bergpreis was awarded to Luiza Dobre, CEO and founder of Komed Health AG. Komed Health’s vision is to become the leading integrated communication platform for healthcare; enabling doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers to make better informed decisions faster, delivering a huge improvement in patient outcomes. The communication platform is already being used by several prestigious clinics in Switzerland and soon it will be expanded to several other European countries.

Luiza Dobre, Komed Health – Interviewed by Cédric Bollag of Global Tech Star

Healthcare industry solutions are brought to focus again by the CEO and founder of Komed Health AG, Luiza Dobre. In today’s video, we discuss innovation in the healthcare industry and Komed Health, what it is like to transition from Swarovski to entrepreneurship, and all that could be improved in the local ecosystem.

Why Komed

A short video illustrates how Komed Health can empower clinicians to advance patient care through secure communication and better collaboration.


An essential part of Komed development cycle is research on the ground to understand the challenges and needs of medical professionals.

Covid-19 readiness

Real time collaboration and secure communication are crucial for doctors and nurses facing critical care situations.