Digital Solution for Error-Free Communication and Collaboration in Healthcare

Luiza Dobre - Komed Health

Even though the healthcare system in Switzerland is actually already so good evolved and so many diseases can be cured, nevertheless still so many errors happen… especially due to errors in communication and collaboration – and this could lead (in the worst case) to the death of patients. Komed Health aims to solve these problems and offers a digital solution that provides a simple and secure messaging service for the medical staff as well as an integration into the hospital information system and a patient-centered communication even across shift changes.

Komed Health AG wins a major SaaS contract in the Southern part of Switzerland

Komed Health AG wins a major SaaS contract in the Southern part of Switzerland

Michele Marazza, Head IT Processes of Ente Ospedialero Cantonale says: “The Covid-19 crisis has clearly shown that an easy-to-deploy and easy-to-use but nevertheless secure digital communication and collaboration platform is desperately needed in healthcare facilities. During those difficult times, we tested the Komed Health platform and were impressed by the product as well as by the flexibility and responsiveness of the team of Komed Health. Our employees are also much more relaxed now as they can easily communicate and exchange real-time information without being scared that the data is somewhere in the US.“

Revolutionizing Clinical Communication

Luiza Dobre - Komed Health

Our co-founder and CEO, Luiza Dobre was hosted by Silvan Krähenbühl at the Swisspreneur podcast in which she talks about her journey and the journey of Komed Health.

The talk is not limited to Komed solely and she talks about what inspires her the most and where she obtains her vision from.

Listen to the podcast here!

Covid-19 and the tragic costs of outdated hospital communication technology

Pagers, DECT phones, switchboards and fax machines. Would you trust these devices to quickly transmit information that could save your life? Many hospitals in Switzerland, the U.S. and other technologically advanced countries still do, with sometimes fatal consequences. But Covid-19 was a wake-up call for the industry and acts a catalyser to accelerate digitalisation.
Komed Health provides a secure messaging platform that can be connected with existing clinical systems in order to accelerate collaboration among medical staff, and ultimately benefiting the patient. A hospital in the hard-hit region of Ticino rolled out the real-time communication system during the crisis, desperate for a more efficient means of sharing patient information in its battle against time.

Luiza Dobre, Komed Health – Awarded the Niesen Bergpreis 2019 by the Swiss Economic Forum

The SEF Niesen Bergpreis was awarded to Luiza Dobre, CEO and founder of Komed Health AG. Komed Health’s vision is to become the leading integrated communication platform for healthcare; enabling doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers to make better informed decisions faster, delivering a huge improvement in patient outcomes. The communication platform is already being used by several prestigious clinics in Switzerland and soon it will be expanded to several other European countries.

Luiza Dobre, Komed Health – Interviewed by Cédric Bollag of Global Tech Star

Healthcare industry solutions are brought to focus again by the CEO and founder of Komed Health AG, Luiza Dobre. In today’s video, we discuss innovation in the healthcare industry and Komed Health, what it is like to transition from Swarovski to entrepreneurship, and all that could be improved in the local ecosystem.