Digital Solution for Error-Free Communication and Collaboration in Healthcare

Luiza Dobre - Komed Health

Even though the healthcare system in Switzerland is actually already so good evolved and so many diseases can be cured, nevertheless still so many errors happen… especially due to errors in communication and collaboration – and this could lead (in the worst case) to the death of patients. Komed Health aims to solve these problems and offers a digital solution that provides a simple and secure messaging service for the medical staff as well as an integration into the hospital information system and a patient-centered communication even across shift changes.

Revolutionizing Clinical Communication

Luiza Dobre - Komed Health

Our co-founder and CEO, Luiza Dobre was hosted by Silvan Krähenbühl at the Swisspreneur podcast in which she talks about her journey and the journey of Komed Health.

The talk is not limited to Komed solely and she talks about what inspires her the most and where she obtains her vision from.

Listen to the podcast here!